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About Me

Hey, Tim here!

Depression sucks! I know. I’ve been there too.

I was depressed, suicidal, isolated, and hopeless. All of those things are horrible but of them all, I think hopelessness is the worst. Because at least when you still have hope, you believe there might be a way out if your depression. When you’ve lost hope you’ve lost everything.

I was in counseling with my third therapist but I wasn’t seeing the results I was looking for. She made me feel good while I was in her office and for a little while after that, I really didn’t feel like my life was on an upward trajectory. So, with nothing left to lose and the advice of an old friend, I started looking for other ways to improve my life. I started googling, watching YouTube videos, reading books, reading forum posts, doing anything I could to see if I could get to the root of my problems. And I found a few things that worked.

But that wasn’t enough.

I was still depressed. I wasn’t living. I wasn’t dying either. I was simply existing and that is not what human beings are here for.

We’re here to thrive.

I kept searching. I experimented with different dietary supplements, changing my diet, exercise, practicing mindfulness, changing my self talk, and suddenly I realized that my downward spiral had not only stabilized but had turned around. Eventually I found things that worked better, much better, than being in therapy. So my third therapist was my last.

I was now spiraling upwards.

This is the kind of life I wanted to live, felt like I deserved, and I wanted a whole lot more of it. I started paying attention to what was working and what wasn’t.

Some supplements worked. A lot didn’t. Most of them that did work, worked for just a short time and then either wore off or stop working entirely.

Some practices I was using helped for a little while but not long-term. Some practices didn’t work on their own but did work when combined with other practices.

And now I want to help you learn to do what I did. My blog and my course will help you achieve the same results I have gotten so that like me, you can be your depression without spending your whole life in therapy.

You can overcome depression too.

Let’s do this.