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Tim Biden


Why is it that good habits are so much harder to create than bad habits?

Why are bad habits so much easier to break them good habits?

Let’s be honest. Those aren’t the questions that matter.

These are the questions that matter…

Simple Friendship Hack

Psychology and basic common sense tell us that there are certain ways to communicate that are more beneficial than others. If you care about their emotions, you have to respond enthusiastically to their good news. It shows them how much you care.

Shelly Gable believes there are 4 main response styles.

Which one do you use most often?

Isolation. It’s a real problem.

Depression’s greatest trick is convincing everyone that no one else knows how it feels.

Depression is probably the most inclusive club in the world. Anyone can join. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what language you speak, or anything else. If you’re human, you’re welcome to join. But somehow it still feels like you’re all alone in this world of billions of people.