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Why Is This World Upside Down?

Which profession is more important?

There are some professions that are all about helping people. There are also professions that are all about making money and selling goods. In this American culture, which is more important? Which is more valued?

Let’s take a minute and rank six professions from 1 to 10 on how much of an impact they have on people’s lives.

  1. Athlete
  2. Doctor
  3. Corporate secretary
  4. High school teacher
  5. Lending officer
  6. Ambulance driver

Which profession makes more money?

After you’ve thought about the impact that each one has on people’s lives, maybe even your life, please consider which one probably makes more money than the one next to it. Compare doctors to athletes. Compare high school teachers to corporate secretaries. Compare ambulance drivers to lending officers. In each case, who do you think makes more?

It’s easier for me to tell you who makes less money, and that is almost always the person whose job is more of a basic necessity and has more impact.

Why does an athlete make more than a doctor? Why does a corporate secretary make more than a high school teacher? Why does a lending officer make more than an ambulance driver?

These are serious questions that I don’t have the answer to. While I was growing up my father always told me that if you pay peanuts you hire monkeys. Let’s think about that for a minute.

Do you want monkeys performing surgery on you, teaching your children, or driving your ambulance? Probably not.

How would you feel about having a monkey as an athlete, a corporate secretary, or lending officer? Now those don’t quite seem so dangerous do they? So once again I ask, why do the people who have the more necessary jobs accept lower pay?

This world is absolutely upside down.

And please understand I’m not saying that athletes don’t deserve $10,000,000 every year. I’m saying doctors deserve more.

I’m also not saying that corporate secretaries don’t deserve $200,000 a year. I’m simply saying that high school teachers deserve more. And at $65,000 per year, at high school teacher makes approximately 1/3 of what a corporate secretary makes.

And I’m not saying that lending officers don’t deserve $150,000 a year. I just want to make sure that the person driving my ambulance has my safety on his mind, instead of how he’s going to pay his bills on an average salary of $28,000 a year.

What does this world value?

We value platinum, silver and gold. We value people who make us forget about our troubles, people who entertain us. People who, for the most part, are not the role models that we should be looking up to.

The person who serves, the person who takes care of others, the person who educates and the person who heals wounds, they are all compensated for their work but far below what they should make if you compare them to people whose jobs do not have other people’s lives on the line.

Bottom line:

If my life is on the line, I don’t want to go to the lowest paid doctor. I don’t want him taking cheaper shortcuts to get me healthy.

If I am getting an education, I want someone who has put in their time not only in university classes but also in real life practice of what they’re teaching me.

If this world doesn’t think that our health and education is worth as much as the ability to throw a football or shoot a basketball into a hoop, what will we value 20 years from now?