Changing Study Methods

I recently had a conversation with another Bloc student and mentioned changing up my study methods. Here’s some of the things I’ve started doing and why:

1) Taking notes with pen/pencil to better understand. Reading from a screen isn’t my preferred method of learning so I have to do everything I can to assimilate and retain the information. Typing things out doesn’t stick as well as writing by hand, either immediately or down the road.

2) Reading through the code *before* typing it out. This helps to to see if I understand it. Understanding the code, at least a little bit, before typing it out helps to cement it in my mind rather than typing it all out then hoping Bloc explains it well afterward. Sometimes they do. Other times different sources are required.

I should probably add “Reading the explanation before typing the code” to that one as well. I think I’ll start doing that in the future. And by “future”, I mean today.

3) Reading Bloc’s explanation, then rechecking the code. This helps me see what was done and why we did it that way. Then I spend just a couple minutes writing down a few notes to solidify the new material in my own head.

4) Taking consistent breaks. Keep your mind fresh. Using the Pomodoro Technique sounds lame, but it really does work. When your alarm goes off, you need to get up from your work space and get busy on something other than the code you were just writing or the text you were reading. Go do the laundry, wash dishes, make dinner… Anything. Just don’t think about what you’re trying to learn. Make a complete break so you can get the full benefit of the Pomodoro technique. If you’re using a Mac, the Tadam app works well.

Thanks @jack_esss, I’ve started using it again.

As with everything, your mileage may vary. These are things I’m doing and having greater success with. If you have some ideas, feel free to share them.

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