Body Posture and Positivity – Helpful Hints

Every Monday of this year, I am going to post something that has helped me and I want to share with you. It may be a video, blog post, realization, supplement… It may be about life, coding, spirituality, anything… If I genuinely find it to be helpful, it’ll get posted in this space.

Today’s share is a video from TED by Amy Cuddy. This video encouraged me to simply change posture and that changed my outlook on life.

In this video, Amy talks about how your mind responds to your body’s physical posture. You can influence your hormones, increase confidence, and influence how others respond to you by adjusting your posture. Since I found this, I’ve had some of the best times in the last few years. It’s truly helped me beat some of my depression. I still struggle, but not as often.

Thank you Amy!

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