The Best Career Test I Ever Took

A while ago I was floundering around after a failed business venture and wondering what path I should take. I took this personality test and that job recommendation test. They all sucked. Then I discovered Sokanu.

Sokanu, pronounced like “So can you”, was the first site that actually had relevant and exciting career choices for me. It listed some things I’d already done and some that just sounded exciting. Here are my top 6 matches.

My top Sokanu careers

After you’ve answered their extensive questionnaire, they recommend different careers and most of mine, as you can see, went toward 1 area, computers. That’s not shocking at all because they’ve always been a passion of mine.

Admittedly, the idea of becoming a commercial diver is new for me. But I think it’d be fascinating and constantly changing so I agree that it belongs there.

If you’re looking for a new career direction but aren’t sure where to turn, I highly recommend Sokanu. Their tests can really drill down into what you like and dislike, and it will almost certainly provide you with some new ideas as well as help you to consider some old ideas differently.

And best of all, the service is free. There are some advanced features that you can pay for but I haven’t paid for them and I’m not entirely certain what you get for your money. The free reports and list of careers were enough to get me thinking and eventually moving in a new direction.

I’ll probably take you 30 minutes to complete all the questions but if it helps you find a fulfilling career, it could be the best 30 minutes you ever spent. Give Sokanu a shot.

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