Tim Biden

Round's An Adjective, Not A Shape.

Sitting here at my computer, sipping on a cold-steeped green tea sweetened with Stevia. Yum!

Got to the gym this morning and had an excellent workout. Got in, got Pandora going on my phone, put my ear-buds in and started pushing weights around. And this is how it went.

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Today’s workout was a bit different because of certain appointments that I had, including meeting with my trainer, Lindsey. I went to the gym a bit later than usual, and actually a bit later than I meant to. You know, sometimes life happens. So that meant I got in less… Continue reading

With Lindsey, my personal trainer, telling me to focus on different workouts on different days so as to not overwork certain muscle groups or underwork others, I changed up my regular routine today. Though I doubt this is exactly what she had in mind, it’s what I did and it… Continue reading

Today, finally, it was easy to get up. It was great! No depression, no desire to stay in bed, no problems getting to the gym. It was great! Hopefully tomorrow will be just as good. Hoping you have a great day today too.

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