How I Made It: My Pair Programming App

After finishing my previous JavaScript project, I was ahead of schedule in my Front End JavaScript course so I decided to do what Bloc refers to as a Capstone Project. This is a project of the student’s choosing that will show off their skills as a developer. Not knowing how hard it would be but […]

Freeze your Credit Before Your ID is Stolen

No one wants to have their identity stolen and go through the hours and hours it takes to get everything cleaned up. Around the same time I also read Brian Krebs’ post on how to freeze your credit so no one can open a new account in your name. So instead of signing up for “credit monitoring” which can ONLY be reactive, and waiving all legal rights, I decided to be as proactive as I could. I froze my credit.

Learn How Encryption Works

I don’t know about you but I’m fascinated by cryptography. I want to know how it works, how it can be tested, and most importantly, how it can be used to keep my data private from prying eyes. In recent years, you’ve probably heard FBI Director Comey talking about the evils of the world “going […]

Body Posture and Positivity – Helpful Hints

Every Monday of this year, I am going to post something that has helped me and I want to share with you. It may be a video, blog post, realization, supplement… It may be about life, coding, spirituality, anything… If I genuinely find it to be helpful, it’ll get posted in this space.

Today’s share is a video from TED by Amy Cuddy that helped me change my outlook on things.