How To Get To Heaven

If you want to know How To Get To Heaven, the answer is in the presentation.


Excellent Chai Recipe

As most people who know me in real life can attest to, I hate coffee. Even though it smells delicious, i find the taste repulsive. Well, I hate just about anything bitter, so it is right in line with my tastebuds.

But because going to coffee shops is the California… Continue reading

Tomorrow Isn’t Guaranteed

My neighbor is sick and dying.

Less than a year ago her mother lived in that house. Sadly we had to say goodbye to her mother, Joan, a sweet 84-year-old lady. Joan is now sitting in the throne room of God and singing praise all day long. Soon her… Continue reading

Goodbye Social Media

I am sick and tired of putting my information on social media outlets just so they can sell me (or more accurately my data) to marketers.

I closed out my Facebook account. I closed out my LinkedIn account. I even closed my Twitter account.

I hated Facebook. LinkedIn… Continue reading

What Does it Mean to Follow Jesus?

I guess this is one of those questions that if you ask 20 different people, you’ll get 20 different answers. It’s a question I’ve been pondering for a few years now and I’m finally getting a grasp on it, or at least for what it means to me.

Following Jesus… Continue reading

My New Rule

I blog. I enjoy blogging. Sadly though, I don’t blog here at my own site often enough. I blog on other sites, just not here.

I’ve decided that I need a new rule, one that will increase my website’s visibility. I like the money I make on my other sites.… Continue reading